Pre and Post Milking Examples

Fed: Like humans, cows require a quality, balanced diet. So what happens when you feed her too little grass, too much grain, not enough calcium? The cow’s digestive system goes wack. I think I’d prefer non-wack milk.

Raised: Cows should ideally be raised outside in open-ended sheds or fields. When put into crowded, enclosed feedlots, numerous problems ensue, and the cow probably feels suffocated and stressed. Again, I think I’d prefer milk from a calm and chillaxed cow.

Treated: Many cows are also given growth hormones to increase their production of milk. Doing so definitely increases milk creation, but also results in increased stress, infection, and sickness for the cows. When a cow is ill, how is she treated? Usually, it is with antibiotics, meaning we get antibiotics in our milk, which damages our gut and digestion.

Processed: When milk is pasteurized, ultra-pasteurized and/or homogenized it becomes harder for our bodies to digest, because it messes with digestive enzymes and nutrients found in the natural, raw form of milk.


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