Food and pregnancy notes

Myths about mothers and babies

  • Myth: Salt causes swelling – actually lack of protein causes swelling. Reference Gail Brewer for more on this.
  • Myth: Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) is good – it it can be helpful, but could also lead to higher likelihood of cesarean section.
  • Myth: Calcium supplements are good – it’s not clear that supplements improve outcomes for babies, but it is clear that calcium rich foods do.
  • Myth: Babies first food should be cereal – actually, it’s better to wait a year before giving cereal to baby.
  • Myth: No milk, wheat, citrus, nuts, shellfish for one year – in fact studies have shown that a child’s gut and immune system benefit from exposure to milk, wheat, citrus, nuts, shellfish within the first year; not the other way around.

Fertility through Day 1, the 4th Trimester, & First Foods

  • Fertility:
    • Eggs, fish, bugs
  • 1st Trimester
    • Cod liver oil, get micronutrients to form babies parts and organs, even if you don’t feel like eating a whole lot
  • 2nd Trimester
    • Bones and muscle being created
    • Focus on foods containing protein and calcium
  • 3rd trimester
    • Baby built, so can’t do much about bones, organs, shapes and muscles
    • Focus on brain and eating fish oils and fats, or babies brain easily sacrificed (even though there is risk of mercury, but be careful and eat fish low in mercury)
  • Birth Day
    • Drink water, eat fish
    • Relax! More oxytocin, less adrenaline
      • Need to increase oxytocin when pregnant, and reduce adrenaline (e.g., stressed person in the room should be taken out, as it will not help a pregnant mother)
    • Warm and dark
    • Skin to skin
  • 4th Trimester
    • Breast milk is brain food (best is omnivorous) – unfortunately, vegan breast milk is lower in all levels of all essential omega-3 fats than omnivorous breast milk, and vegetarian milk has weaknesses too, because it hard to get all omega-3’s from pasteurized egg yolks.
    • Fish and mercury
    • Watch out for contaminated milk
    • Eat as cleanly as you can before in the years before pregnancy, because your fat carries the toxins
    • Post-baby & nursing
      • Water
      • Fish
      • Chicken soup
      • Coconut oil: Anti-viral fatty acids that by law must be included in infant formula because so valuable to child’s developing immune system
    • First Foods – basically eat all real, no industrial or processed foods

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