How Food Affects Your Brain

If we want happier, smarter, more resilient, more productive people at work or at home, we have to create a brain that is wired to do so. We must feed our brains the fuel that allow it to operate at its max level. This starts by counting nutrients, not calories. Are you feeding your brain the nutrients it needs to thrive?

Why does what you eat impact your overall brain health? Well, probably because the human brain consumes 420 calories every single day. Just 2% of your body weight consumes 20% of everything you eat. Mood, anxiety, memory, focus, energy, sleep, learning agility, and more; all of these depend on the right brain chemistry. If we begin to consider food first, we are more likely to get that chemistry right.

So, how does one feed its brain with the right foods? This great talk by Dr. Drew Ramsey covers the importance of a well-nourished brain, and what nutrients and foods help to build a better brain. He also talks about a cool brain protein called BDNF, which is extra special because it enables the brain to grow, by producing more brain cells. When we are under stress and exposed to toxins in the environment, our brain cells are more apt to survive when exposed to BDNF. Unfortunately, the modern American diet has caused BDNF levels to go down. Time to make sure you are increasing, rather than decreasing, those levels.

Watch, learn and eat right.

And I’m out,
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