Could death from drug resistance be solved through food?

I was browsing through twitter last weekend, and saw the headline “Drug resistance deadlier than cancer by 2050.” I thought I would read something about how our dependence on drugs may not be quite as dependable as we thought. So, this is sort of true.

The resistance in the article pertains specifically to antimicrobial drugs, which help to fight off infections such as strains of E. coli, malaria, and tuberculosis to name a few. However, antibiotics are also used as part of many medical treatments, like hip replacements, Caesarean sections, and chemotherapy. Drug resistance is estimated to have caused about 700,000 deaths this year, and at this rate would cause 10 million by 2050. Yikes!

Not sure what actions will be taken, but I have a potential solution. How about the rice diet? Joking slightly, but I actually learned about a Japanese man (George Ohsawa) that fought off both tuberculosis and malaria through rice and diet. Some of you may have heard of Ohsawa and macrobiotics, the diet he pioneered. No, I am NOT recommending we all start following the macrobiotic diet. My point is that the answer could and likely does lie in what we eat, including where it’s sourced and how it’s processed.

2050 is quite a ways away, so I hope we come up with some good solutions to this deadly issue fairly soon. In the meantime, you can take matters into your own hands and keep your immune system strong by eating smart.

And I’m out,
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