Subsidize healthier foods? Interesting thought…I like it.

Interesting and informative short video about why corporations produce and sell junk food, and how we — as U.S. taxpayers — are supporting this (unknowingly or not). Begs the question: What if billions in tax dollars were invested in healthier options rather than junk options?

Well, if today corporations are incentivized by low production costs and high profit margins as a result of subsidies for products in junk foods (e.g., sugar, corn syrup, meat, dairy) , then why wouldn’t they be just as incentivized by subsidies for products in healthier foods (e.g., vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains)? I know it’s much easier said than done, and all sorts of politics are at play here, BUT I still think it’s worth a shot. I say, let’s do a little experiment and see what happens.

And I’m out,
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