12 Lifestyle Habits that Improve Health & Extend Life

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 2.03.49 PM

I couldn’t help but laugh at how simple and unsurprising this list is, and yet how difficult it is to do almost each and every one of these. Why? Many reasons. Most are within your control, some are not, and almost all of them are just tough to do. It takes work, ugh. But that is no excuse…nothing good comes easy.

I will dole out a morsel of sympathy, and acknowledge that our environment makes it really hard to do these things, even when you do your best to be mindful and intentional about incorporating healthy habits into your life. Stuff happens, goals change, the environment changes, you change.

I proactively do my best to check-off items on this list (except for #12), but like everything else, I have to prioritize certain things over others depending on the moment, day, week, or month.

Print it, post it, and see if you can check-off at least a few of these each day or month 🙂

And I’m out,
Peace sign


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