Should I go for the Apple or the Orange?

Are certain fruits better for the morning, afternoon, evening? Probably. What fruit should you eat in the morning? I’m sure there are several options, and the impact or benefit you desire from eating a particular fruit in the morning will provide the answer.

This morning, after finding out my flight was cancelled I did what any normal person would do, and thought about what fruit I should have for breakfast. I encountered two choices…the apple (what I normally go for), and the orange. Did I want something crunchy, juicy, and slightly sour (green apple), or did I want something soft, extremely juicy, and tangy (naval orange)? I went for the orange.

But, let’s say I was choosing based on nutritional information or health benefits. What do I get from each fruit? And which one is better for my health?

Let me provide an example to illustrate one way to go about making this taxing decision… Paul prefers apples and Martha oranges, at least in the morning. Furthermore, Paul is at high risk of heart and blood problems, and Martha has inflammation and respiratory problems. Guess which fruit is best for each of their respective ailments? Basically, Paul and Martha should switch their fruit in the morning. After reading a few studies and researching the WWW (aka the Web), the chart below (click to enlarge) is a summarized version of what I discovered.

Apple and Orange Chart

So which one should I choose? I could probably go for either, as I currently do not have any serious illnesses that would induce me to choose one over the other. But, if I had to choose, I would go for the apple. Why? I love the taste and crunch, and the ease of finding, storing, and eating them apples (especially when I am running around all day), AND they fill me up and keep my metabolism high, AND I found a really cool study that ties an antioxidant called quercetin to improved nuerological health and dementia prevention – I could always use a bit of help with enhancing my brain 🙂

And I’m out,
Peace sign


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