More on fats: Can good fats prevent brain damage?

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Here are two interesting clips from the Dr. Oz show: Clip 1 Clip 2

I absolutely love this show, but sometimes it does drive me a little nuts how quickly people grab on to his every word without considering their own personal preferences and needs. Again, being fit is about finding what works best for you, not necessarily what works for others. I digress…in this episode Dr. Oz speak to Dr. Perlmutter about new controversial research regarding carbohydrates. He argues that you can control your genes and prevent Alzheimer’s by changing the way you eat. How? By cutting carbs and loading up on healthy fats. Some of what he says sounds a bit drastic, unless you are perhaps at high risk for Alzheimer’s. I don’t recommend people eliminate carbs, but I do think it is important to understand that certain fats are our friend, and people should not fear them, as long as they are AWARE of what fats they should and should not be eating.

Good and Bad Fats

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